28 dezembro, 2011

Suicide Song

This is my suicide song.
Thank you to those
Who have been with me
all along,
But I feel there's no place
In this world where I belong,
And so I gotta go.

This is my goodbye song.
Sorry my friends
But i feel I just can't go on
Even knowing all this time
I wasn't alone,
But this pain has been hanging on
For far too long.

I'm sorry Mom
But I couldn't stay
And hope for a better day
So I let death take me away.
Please don't be sad,
Keep praying for my soul
And try to understand
I'm handling things
The best way that I can,
But my time has come
And I gotta meet the end.

This is the moment,
The last minutes before I go
When I think of all the people that I know,
And finaly I'm able to smile.
I know I'm doing what's right,
And this day, with the sun shining bright,
People will remember it
As the day I died.

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