22 outubro, 2011

it's all about you

Rushing against time

Hiding from my biggest fear,
I couldn't find a way out
Sometimes I just wanted to desapear.
But then you came and changed my idea
The world came alive
Everytime you were near.
I faced my fears, turned my back to the past
It was so surreal
How someone could hit me so fast.

But you did it and I can't thank you enough,
You reminded me I can be strong and tough
And I promise you
From the bottom of my heart,
No matter what happens I'll be here
Just like I've been since the very start.
I found you now, I don't want to lose you.
You're a good friend,
And I know I can trust you.

If this turns into something more I'll be glad
If it doesn't I'll try not to be sad
And I just hope you become
One of the greatest friends I've ever had!

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